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  • Hi @hube2, thanks for the clarifying.

    Based on this considerations I suppose that:

    – json format is better for making BACKUP of fields as well as export fields for IMPORT them in other wordpress applications.

    – php format is better for deploing fields for USING them in a wordpress application.

    I’m using ACF in a wordpress network environment where I build custom fields groups in the main website. Then, I export them in php and put them in a plugin for using in all subsites. Subsites are customers websites.

    This way I can:
    – update easily all custom fields in one time
    – deploy updated custom fields in all subsites in one time
    – show/hide fields based on specific website settings
    – Translate fields in more languages
    – avoid fields editing and compromising

    In this scenario I can export everything in json just to have a backup of all fields and field groups.