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  • Hi @raffacake

    No problem. I’m happy to help you guys. If you have something to add, just let us know 🙂


    Could you please check the error log on your server? Usually, the error log will tell you more details about the 500 error message.

    It’s possible that $_POST['acf']['field_57861544dfb0f'] is not available, but you called it before you check it. In this case, you need to use this code:

    if( isset($_POST['acf']['field_57861544dfb0f']) ) {
        $urlField = $_POST['acf']['field_57861544dfb0f'];
    } else {
        $urlField = false;

    Or maybe there’s something wrong with your url_exists() function or how you update the field.

    Please keep in mind that ACF saves the data with the priority of 10. I suggest you change the priority to 1 or 20, depending on when you want the code to be executed. Please check this page to learn more about it:

    Thanks 🙂