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  • Hi, I tried all the solutions above and none of them seemed to be working for me.

    My issue is when I edit a page on WordPress with Map ACF and search for a location in the input field I got this message in the console : @ js?v=3&libraries=places&callback=google.loader.callbacks.maps:35
    acf-input.min.js?ver=5.4.0-beta3:1 Geocoder failed due to: REQUEST_DENIED

    -I got the script-tag with the right settings in a php file that is being included in Page.php
    -I got a function that is calling the script in Functions.php
    -I modified the acf-input.min.js file
    -I got the beta version 5.4.0-beta3. (I tried before with the current version of the plugin)
    -My API Key has all of them :
    Google Maps Directions API
    Google Maps Distance Matrix API
    Google Maps Elevation API
    Google Maps Geocoding API
    Google Maps JavaScript API
    Google Places API Web Service
    Google Static Maps API

    Any other solutions?