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  • ACF custom fields are standard WP custom fields for the most part. The fields I listed above are no different in any way with the exception that there needs to be the field key reference.

    IN WP All Import you can set specific custom field names and you can set them to a specific value.

    The only time you’re going to run into a problem with ACF fields is places where it does not store information in the standard WP way. Examples of this would be image fields(ID of image stored), relationship fields (serialized array of post IDs), checkboxes (serialized array), multiselect fields (serialzed array), taxonomy fields (term IDs)

    Let’s take a look at the standard custom field area when importing with WP All Import, I have attached an image. In the first entry I have entered the name of the ACF field and selected where to pull the data from the CSV file. The second entry is the ACF field key pointer entry, I have entered the field name that ACF uses for this and set the value to the field key for this field.

    After this import is run this field will be imported into the correct ACF field.

    I’d hazard a guess that using WP All Import I could very likely even import all the complicated fields without needing the ACF add on. All that would really be required would be to have an understanding of how ACF stores the fields and to build filters for WP All Import. The only real problem with the free version of WP All Import is that it will not import into custom post types, so this is a huge issue and requires purchasing the pro version.

    If there was a free plugin anywhere that could reliably import all of the different ACF fields and into custom post types without the type of work that I’ve described that’s probably what I’d be using.

    I’ve seen many discussions on this forum over the last several years about import tools and can’t say that there is a free one that will do the job I’ve described. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen this concept mentioned or described. If I had time I would download and test several of the free plugins to see if any of them could actually do it.

    Hope this helps you in your search.