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  • I managed to get it to work using this bit of code. Not sure if a cron job would be a much better solution though?

    				Check if the job listing has closed (manually or automatically based on date). If so, add text to end of the title and change the label status.
    			// Setup checks for todays date and datepicker date in backend.					
    			$today = date( 'Ymd' );
    			$expire = get_field( 'job_listing_closing_date', false, false );
    			// Change Job Status field in backend to Closed if date has passed.
    			$status = get_field( 'job_listing_job_status' );
    			if ( $expire < $today ) :
    				$status = 'Closed';
    				update_field( 'job_listing_job_status', $status );