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  • Good evening,
    as I said yesterday I have a track but I do not know if this is the best way,
    Here are the source code

    <?php if( get_field('opening_hours') ): ?>
    <div class="news-v3 margin-bottom-60">
        <div class="news-v3-in">
         <h2>Opening hours</h2>
           Monday: 			<?php the_field('monday'); ?>	<br/>
           Tuesday: 			<?php the_field('tuesday'); ?>	<br/>
           Wednesday: 			<?php the_field('wednesday'); ?>	<br/>
           Thursday: 			<?php the_field('thursday'); ?>	<br/>
           Friday: 			<?php the_field('friday'); ?>	<br/>
           Saturday: 			<?php the_field('saturday'); ?>	<br/>
           Sunday: 			<?php the_field('sunday'); ?>	<br/>
     <?php endif; ?>