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  • Hi James,

    Think some progress – would you (or anyone else) have any recommendations as to how to best batch import? 800k rows, or so!

    My concern would be the creation of duplicate posts though for Restaurants and/or Suppliers.

    My CSV is structured as follows;

    1) Restaurant Name 2) Supplier 3) Country 4) Region 5) Speciality 6) Speciality Sub-section

    Each row is repeated where there is a unique record, so for some restaurants, I end up with multiple instances of the same.

    Ultimately, I would like to establish the relationship Restaurant <–> Supplier and then filter using the other fields.

    Not sure if a clever use of taxonomies is the right way forward or not? But initially I’ve got 1 & 2 as post types, with the rest as custom fields and another (relationship) custom field for each CPT.

    Could e-mail over a sample of the data if that would help?

    Thanks thus far and in advance – appreciate this is my own headache to solve!