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  • So that you know, ACF5 with is only available as a Premium plugin has a feature that will let you move fields.

    The problem with the way you moved the fields is that the field key has been changed even though you’ve used the same field name.

    There are two ways that you can fix this.

    The first is to go into the database for your site and do a search for _your_field_name, note the _ added before the field name. This entry in the database contains the field key pointer. What you need to do is find all of the rows with the wrong field key and replace it with the new field key.

    The second method would be to export your field group as an XML file. Edit the XML file to replace the new field key with the old field key. Delete your field group in the admin and then use the standard WP import tool to import the field group with the changes back into WP.