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  • Eureka!

    To answer your question, yes – 1 row did appear on all ‘new’ posts when created (initially). My theory now is that on the first post, I did use that field for 1 row.

    However, I removed the row from a Post in which it was not being used, so there is no row and just the two field headers and a “Add a Row” button. I updated my instructions for that field to tell authors to start by clicking the Button, which gives them a row to use. If they’re not using that field, they just don’t click the button.

    NOW when I click on “add new” (post) the row is NOT there, just the field names, my instructions, and the button, AND my code now WORKS! It only shows my <h5> header and the list of links IF that field is actually used.

    Also in checking in my database, the field (meta key) is still there (external_resources) with a value of 0 and no sub-fields (rows) which is fine.

    Thank you very much – such a simple fix, it would never have occurred to me to just remove the unused row…..jeesh! <blush>