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  • Thank you so much for the reply. It’s about 1:30am for me right now so I only worked on Item 2 from your suggestion. It’s showing the *current* date now, but not the date selected in the date selector field. However, I wonder if Item #1 may be partially to blame.

    Better than a screenshot, here’s a link to the dev page. Maybe that’ll show you what’s going on. The first time you visit the page, you *should* have no fields pre-filled. And you *shouldn’t* have them pre-filled at *any* point you visit the page. But at least for me (I’m using FF), ever since the first time I filled out the form for testing purposes it remains filled out, and when I try to change a field (for instance, Church Name, which is part of the modified custom post type title), it saves in admin as the original entry I made, but when I click to edit/view, it shows the correct entry in the form itself – it’s just not saving it to the title properly.

    The other items I’ll look at when I’m up again. Thanks again.