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  • Hi folks,

    have you had any success solving this issue or does anyone have any work-arounds? We’re having this same problem on two different sites. Both sites are hosted in Heroku where there’s hard-coded timeout of 30 seconds. If the request takes longer than that, the client receives an application error. Although the request continues to do its job, this makes the page editing very frustrating for our editors.

    I profiled the code a bit with a dump from our production database and the culprit seems to be generating a new revision of the page when the existing page is saved. We could disable the revisioning, but that’s a feature we rely on.

    On my local environment the issue isn’t so bad. One page that timeouts on production takes about 8-9 seconds to save on my machine. So issuing thousands of SQL queries and not so good database connection isn’t such a good combination.

    We’re using ACF PRO (versions and 5.3.7).