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  • As a temporary fix, you can follow these steps:

    – get a Google API Key

    – make sure the Google Maps Api’s are enabled:

      Google Maps Directions API
      Google Maps Distance Matrix API
      Google Maps Elevation API
      Google Maps Geocoding API
      Google Maps JavaScript API
      Google Places API Web Service
      Google Static Maps API

    – copy the generated API key

    – open the acf-input.min.js file located in the plugins folder of your WordPress-install (full path: /wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields-pro/assets/js/acf-input.min.js)

    – find sensor=false&libraries=places and replace both instances with key=XXX&libraries=places (replace XXX with your own API key)

    – enjoy!

    IMPORTANT REMARK: as soon as you update the ACF plugin, the file will be overwritten and the key will be lost, hopefully there will be a proper solution in the next release of ACF