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  • Hi @hdcms

    I’m not completely following your issue.
    The URL field type in ACF is available for both regular and PRO version.

    If you store a meta value on a post using FormidablePro that you want to access using ACF you’re going to run into a problem. Basically ACF uses two key > value pairs in the database for each meta value. One is the field name => field value and the other is the field key => field name.

    If you save the values using FormidablePro the pair field key => field name isn’t created. Then you have to manually save/update the post again for that to be created and THEN you can access it using the_field() for example.

    So you either have to use some sort of filter/action hook in FormidablePro to yourself use update_field() and save the meta value with the Field key. Or you have to wait for FormidablePro to support ACF.. 🙂

    Here’s some related info: