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  • Thanks James! I did see that part of the documentation, just wanted to be sure I understood the specific rules — wasn’t sure if it was some kind of licensing issue (e.g. WordPress free plugins are GNU and that license is incompatible with ACF Pro) or if it was an IP protection issue.

    Mostly I was curious because by those rules there ARE situations where I could distribute the ACF Pro code (e.g. if I sold my code) without $$ going to the plugin author. I was hoping the license key covered the “you need to buy a license for this to work” use case.

    It would be great if there was a way for ACF Pro to support the FOSS ecosystem without cannibalizing sales.

    Anyway thank you — I’ll remove ACF Pro from my bundle and just add instructions to manually incorporate it to the of the repo. Minor inconvenience but worth it for the functionality of such a great tool!