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  • The main problem is that the ACF field in both installations is going to store a page ID, most of the time for this field. Whatever is in the field in one site needs to be in that field in the other site. When using WP all import there isn’t any way to know what the new post ID for imported posts is going to be. There are many fields in ACF that only store ID values. image fields, gallery fields, relationship fields, user fields, page link fields. These fields need to be exported using the value in the DB and imported using the same value. All the ID values that they point to must be the same on both sites, so if there is an image on one site, or a page link, or any of the others, that object must have the same ID on the new site. Either this of someone is going to need to do a whole lot of manual editing once the import is completed to fix all of this.

    From your explanation of what you did, I think that it’s the best you’re going to get in this case.