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  • Hi there,

    Sorry it took so long to get back to this! Have been awaiting approval to move ahead but now have it.

    At present the site has ACF Pro Version 5.3.7. This site is usually keeping up with the latest ACF Pro version fairly closely, though lags behind sometimes for a number of weeks until we get time to update and test everything. It’s been using it for a fair amount of time so it could have been caused by an older version. I probably could get approval to update it to the latest version which at this time appears to be

    By the sounds of it maybe there was a bug at one point somewhere or another which affected the fields in the db. I’m not sure if in the code on the site or ACF or what but if the word “required” is showing up in that field in the db something definitely seems wrong somewhere if it shouldn’t be there. So if I remove the word required and take the single and multi-selection values into consideration then maybe it will sort properly. I will test that out. Thanks!

    It does allow selecting multiple values in the field settings.

    The field is a User field type.