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  • Hello James,
    Here’s how i allow post formats in function.php.
    As you probably know, it’s not needed to register “Standard” post format with
    add_theme_support( ‘post-formats’, … )
    As it’s the default post format. In the printscreen, you’ll see, I’ve added “Standard” post format anyway to try if the bug was not due to that, but it doesn’t change ACF behavior.

    I’m not sure to understund your second remark about “adding custom taxonomies to the post or post formats”.

    To clarify what I’ve currently:
    – I’ve default post with default taxonomy. I dont’ use a custom taxonomy.
    – I’m trying to add a ACF dropdown field to the posts edit form that allow editor to link another Post only if this related post has “Standard” post format registred. For that, i’m trying to filter the dropdown by “Standard” post format, but this option is not available. Currently in ACF parameters, to filter the dropdown by post format, there’s only “Link” and “Aside” post format. I’m wondering if this bug is not due to the fact that “Standard” post format can’t be registered by add_theme_support() and ACF takes registered Posts formats and “forgot” to add the standard one.

    Thank you very much for you precious help.