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  • I think I’ve got just about everything down with this. Just one more thing I have to wrestle with (I think, I hope).

    The way I have this setup on the backend is that I have a custom post type called “Daily News Briefs”. The author can go in and write whatever they want in the standard WP content editor for that post, and then use the code we’ve been working on to create multiple “sub-posts” with the repeater fields. Those new posts are just saved as standard WP Posts.

    In the original code you so kindly fashioned, there is this:

    // delete the unused post

    I’ve commented that out because, in my case, I want to keep that post I’ve created in the custom post type.

    The only other issue I can find here is that, if I were to go into that custom post type and edit one of the custom fields and re-save, I’ll get a whole other set of duplicate posts created.

    What I’ve tried to do is write a conditional that says if the post_id exists, simply update it using wp_update_post, otherwise use wp_insert_post. Unfortunately, that just leads to a duplicate post when trying to update.

    Here’s what I’m working with:

    // Special ACF Function for Creating Multiple Daily News Brief Posts
    function my_acf_save_multiple_posts( $post_id ) {
        // get the repeater
        $values = get_field('new_daily_brief_posts', $post_id);
        // loop through the repeater
        foreach( $values as $value ) {
    		// set the new post arguments
            $new_post_article = array(
                'post_title' => $value['post_title'],
                'post_content' => $value['post_content'],
                'post_type' => 'post',
    			'post_status'	=> 'publish',
    			'tags_input' => $value['post_tags']
    		// remove action to avoid infinite loop issue
    		remove_action('acf/save_post', 'my_acf_save_multiple_posts', 20);
    		// look to see if this post already exists
    		$exists =  get_post_status ( $ID ) == 'publish'; 
    		// if this doesn't exist, create the post.
    		if( !$exists ){
     		// post it!
            $new_brief_post_id = wp_insert_post($new_post_article);
    		// Update the post if it already exists
    		else {
    		// remove action to avoid infinite loop issue
    	    $new_brief_post_id = wp_update_post($new_post_article);  }
        // delete the unused post
    // run after ACF saves the $_POST['acf'] data
    add_action('acf/save_post', 'my_acf_save_multiple_posts', 20);

    I would imagine that acf/safe_post would interfere with updating the post?