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  • Hi James,

    I appreciate your response and suggestions.

    While the Reusable Field Group looks a really decent option, I am reluctant to go ahead and even experiment with this due to the following issue:

    The above issue is a heads up stating that Elliot has begun work on similar functionality. This sounds great! I completely understand it’s impossible to give any kind of ETA for this work to be ready, but, would you be able to give me an idea of the timescale? Will it be weeks or months?

    Registering fields via php looks the best option for me as the plugin stands now. I understand how this can be done and I appreciate the link providing (the docs are amazing on the page!).

    The only question I have regarding registering fields via php is about naming conventions for field group’s and field keys.

    Do I need to follow the ACF naming convention, or can I use my own just as long the the keys are unique?

    Thanks again,