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  • Hi guys

    Thanks for your questions.

    This has indeed been an oversight on my behalf.
    I had not used the 3rd party add-on, and did not anticipate these UX issues.

    Please note that the 3rd party datetime picker saves it’s value as a unix timestamp.
    ACF PRO saves it’s value as a human friendly version YYYY-MM-DD H:i:s

    Both of these values are compatible with ACF’s method of loading the value and formatting it into any return_format.

    Please ensure you have downloaded the latest plugin files (I’ve made a few updates over night to allow compatibility with unix timestamps) and change your ‘return format’ to the desired format.

    Although frustrating, please try to see this transition as if a 3rd party developer made an app to view dropbox files. Then, dropbox themselves released their own app. The two do the same thing but are not intended to replace each-other or be compatible.