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  • When I open the frontend page with the ACF Form, then click the submit button, a new post is created. If I go on the backend to that post, there are ACF fields with data copied over to them the way I would expect. This part is all fine and good. I tried the two suggestions you made, and there was no difference between the the results of what I was doing and the two methods you suggested, unfortunately.

    I’m not sure if I’m being really dense and not getting your point, but I’ve been through the forums and resources 100x times, I could recite the content of the acf/save_post and update_field.

    During the “saving” process, the fields I copy over (via the first block of code in the first post) are not accessible to the code in the second set of code; however after the “saving” process is completed and the page loads up, the fields are there. I’m trying to understand why the calculations actions that are scheduled (priority 50) to occur after the fields are filled in (priority 30) aren’t working. I either need to figure out why the priorities aren’t working like I’d expect, or an action to execute after a post save, or a hack to force the post to save twice.