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  • I’m not familiar with WPML and the information here, including solutions to previous questions on WPML and ACF are pretty scarce.

    With that said, if either of you figure this out it would be great if you post the solution. I can’t tell you exactly how to solve this issue but I might be able to help you look for a solution by going over the steps I’d take if I needed to figure this out.

    I took a look at the WPML hook reference and found nothing that appears to let you filter the list of fields that should be copied.

    The first thing I’d do is look for a filter of some kind in the WPML code that might possibly let you filter the list of fields to be copied. Most plugins, especially large plugins, have many filters that are not included in any documentation and the only way to find them is to dig around in the code.

    If there isn’t an existing filter then the next step I’d take is to dig around in the database to figure out where the information is stored. Knowing where it’s stored may actually help you find a hook to filter that information.

    With either a hook or knowing where and how the information is stored I would then create an acf/save_post filter. In this filter I would check the repeater fields that you want to duplicate and how many rows they have. I would compare that with the information already stored in WPML and one way or another update that information in the database.

    If you can locate a hook and supply information on it, or you can locate the information and how it’s stored then I can probably help you figure out the ACF side of the equation to update the data.