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  • Hi Hyperarts,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am actually running two acf_forms in two separate divs. Each Div shows/hides when the user clicks on a link.

    Form_A lets the user input all of their information.

    Form_B lets the users select certain printing preferences before generating a PDF of the information from Form_A.

    The problem I am running into, is that if the user saves Form_B before saving Form_A, any changes or information made in Form_A are lost. Since they are not actually leaving the page though, the normal acf warning (which would be fine for my purposes right now) does not pop up.

    I would like to have some sort of warning when the user clicks on the link to show Form_B, but hasn’t yet saved Form_A, it stops them/reminds them to save, etc.

    Does that clarify the situation better?