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  • Hey @virgodesign

    I also hope that there will be a solution implemented into core.

    You are right, the solution provided also sends an AJAX request when you open a post for editing, which is unnecessary, because the first tab is always selected by default.

    I optimized the code a little, so that it only sends an AJAX request when it’s really necessary. It won’t send one on startup, only if a different tab is selected.

    The solution currently saves the index as a transient, which is valid for 5 minutes. I like your idea of using the value just once and then deleting it right away. I added that to the gist as well.

    Saving the current tab in a hidden field and store it in the database when saving a post might be the better solution, but it needs a little more effort to implement. I prefer the quick and easy fix here, because I don’t consider it to be a permanent solution.