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  • Hi John,
    Thanks for the quick reply. I did use that page as a resource, and tried all the methods listed – the only one that works is wp_get_attachment_image.

    The other methods, using basic object, customized display object, and URL, did not work.

    Also, in the current version of ACF Pro, the choices now are “Image Array”, “Image URL” or “Image ID” there is no longer an “Image Object” choice when creating a field.

    SO if I select “Image Array” and use the Object methods (basic or customized) it doesn’t display any image, it doesn’t recognize that there is a value stored at all in fact (my fallback Gravatar displays instead since I have an if(!$image) statement in case no image is uploaded).

    If I select URL and use the URL method, instead of echoing the URL in the image tag, it echos the ID number, so no image displays.