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  • Hey Jonathan…this is almost exactly what I am looking for… But… Do you have an example that works to simply update a simple custom field? Just a text field. I don’t need to create new posts with an acf_form. I just need to update a field.

    To explain…I have setup a project art approval post type. They fill out the form by confirming their name and email and clicking the “Approve” button. Right now I go in and fill the field in manually with their name. Doing so hides the form section and displays a new, previously hidden section that basically says something like “Dee Buttersnaps approved this project….”, where the name is the value of said custom field.

    Having a form that pulls that value, saves it so it can be displayed…would be so helpful. Right now I get several form submissions from people thinking they don’t go through because I can’t always manually update right away.