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  • Hey!

    Bit older topic but I thought I’d share this plugin for future googlers etc.

    We needed the ability to add acf_form as a shortcode in a project we’re working on so I just coded a plugin that achieves this. It’s completely self-reliant so no need to add acf_form_head yourself and it only adds it if there’s a shortcode in the post_content.

    To use it just install it like any other plugin and then use [show_acf_form] in the editor (currently only supports the regular post_content editor).

    It takes *all* options that acf_form takes. To set array values just comma-separate them. To set associative array values use | to separate key=>value pairs.

    [show_acf_form id="tavlingsansokan-form" field_groups="1496,1451" post_id="new_post" new_post="post_type|tavlingsansokningar,post_status|publish" submit_value="Skicka" updated_message="Ansökan mottagen"]

    It can be found here: