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  • I’m not sure what 2 of these fields are from your code.

    $meta1  = $obj['taxonomy'][0];
    $meta2     = $obj['nom'];
    $meta3  = $obj['prenom'];

    The first one looks like a taxonomy field. If this is a problem with ACF displaying this value correctly then it’s more than likely related to the field key not being inserted into the database. Without that field key ACF does not know that it’s a taxonomy field and will treat it as a simple text field when it gets the value from it. This is the case for several types of fields in ACF. Basically, if the field stores anything but a simple text value it will always have a problem if it can’t find the field key that matches the field value in the DB.

    You also mention this

    The post meta is indeed imported but I have to manually click the update button in order to display the data on the front-end.

    and that is another symptom of the field key missing in the DB.

    Although I could be mistaken about what API your referring to, I am assuming that you mean ACF displaying values on the front end of the site.