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  • I’m developing features locally, testing features on a dev site, then adding the updates to the production site.

    I’m most cases It would appear that this is working correctly, but unfortunately the visuals are masking filters which are still being applied to the output.

    I don’t think it’s correct to hit sync and get an empty dropdown with no indication why. And I certainly can’t make that mistake on the production server. Luckily I caught this on a local -> dev server update.

    I’m not the developer, but I wouldn’t consider this to be a bug and find it to be expected behavior. Any location rule based on something that does not exist will need to have those things created before the field group is edited.

    I agree. The filter shows on the original local site. But when on the new server without that taxonomy, the field is empty — and the filter is still applied. When you’re making more complex repeaters and flexible content it’s hard to spot a missing item.

    My expectation is that, if the field syncs, and a taxonomy is missing, it should give an idicator that you need to create that taxonomy.