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  • My code’s not bullet proof for sure, but given a certain environment+process, it should work. So I’ll attempt to describe my setup to see if we differ.
    First. Do not use the wp-post-meta-revisions plugin. Even if you don’t use its required filter, I fear it creates a race condition with ACF. There may be a more elegant way to tie the two plugins together but I couldn’t find one. This could be an issue if it ever becomes part of core.

    Ok, so as far as front end EDITS, acf_form_head() must come before get_header() as explained here. In fact, that basic code example should be all you need. I haven’t tested this where a specific post_id is passed to acf_form’s post_id argument although that should work too.
    My code is only intended to be ran while processing an acf_form() so it assumes $_POST['acf'] will exist.

    As far as your 3 revisions, wordpress is kinda funny. I tested on a clean wordpress install with no plugins and the twentyfifteen theme and when you create a new post and publish, you won’t see the revisions meta box. Then if you change the content, title or except and click update, the revisions meta box will show (if you have it in screen options) and two revisions will be there. They are your first ‘publish’ and first ‘update’. This doesn’t explain why you see 3 after your first front end edit. Perhaps you could share more about your setup.