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  • Thanks John, I am actually laughing now, because that is how I started out…..and it made everything wonky…..I was getting the Deals post titles in place of the (applicable) Resort name, and lots of other things out of place. When I had wp_reset_postdata in place, everythiing after the first post was blank….oddly it showed the post div, with my HTML in place, but all the meta data was missing….

    BUT I will try it again, at this point I will try anything! AND it’s entirely possible that I may have originally had something tiny out of place – I just assumed because I was refererring to new posts, the global $post was confusing things and I had to change the second instance of $post to something else ($mypost, whatever, I just chose $relatedpost) ….maybe removing global $post will work, in the past I’ve needed it to access the custom metadata, which the standard WP loop doesn’t (or didn’t) make available.