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  • Hi James,

    I just tried. I explain the information.
    The repeater field name is cc_loanrequest_last30daysbankstatement.
    The url field inside repeater is cc_loanrequest_last30daysbankstatement_file.
    cc_loanrequest_last30daysbankstatement is field_571fb7b99ffd3.

    I created a array like this :

    $arrayvalues = array(array(“cc_loanrequest_last30daysbankstatement_file” => “”));
    update_field(“field_571fb7b99ffd3”, $arrayvalues, $postid);
    update_field(“cc_loanrequest_last30daysbankstatement”, $arrayvalues, $postid);

    I used the field key and field name. Look what is in the table.
    meta_key is cc_loanrequest_last30daysbankstatement_file
    meta_value is a:2:{i:0;a:1:{s:43:”cc_loanrequest_last30daysbankstatement_file”;s:96:””;}}

    Thank you for your help.