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  • I think you’re looking for 2 things. One is the ability to search custom field. FacetWP will likely do what you want.

    Adding the values of custom fields to the excerpt on the other hand, or displaying them on a search page, I don’t know of any plugins that will do this for you. Showing ACF fields on a search results page in some way would be the same as showing them on any other type of template.

    If you have an “Archive” page for your “Locations” post type archive-{$post_type}.php FacetWP will find the loop that’s displaying the results and use that loop for showing results, but you’d need to code that loop to show what you want shown for each location.

    I’m afraid there’s nothing available that will remove the need to code templates to show ACF fields, no page builders that work with ACF, at least not that I’ve seen or heard about.