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  • I haven’t tried FacetWP because it seemed more tailored to retail products. We have a locations, staff, news, account products, and services custom post type made up of ACF fields, and our content pages are made up of Flexible Content fields with text and repeater fields embedded.

    When I tried out Relevanssi, not only were the excerpts still not working, but my search.php page wouldn’t return any results either. If I deleted the page and let it default to using index.php the results would list but still no excerpts. The closest I got was this: which allowed top-level fields to display but when it came to the deeply embedded fields they’d either display “Array array array” or partial content with interspersed field names as the excerpt.

    Honestly if I could find a real solution to a search results page with excerpts from a page or post content regardless of the ACF field, I’d be happy. Once I get what I’d consider basic search features working, I’d consider adding on FacetWP functionality.