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  • Okay – got this one more or less solved… Here’s what I have going on:
    1. Add a image selection field
    2. Create a custom meta box with an image with an id of “prodimage”
    3. Use @hube2 script to tie into the change of the image selection field
    4. Use an ajax call from this stackoverflow link: in the change event and then call the update_field in the success as shown
    5. send back the URL of the image to the js json.success and update the image with that new URL

    Here are a few snippets:

    First the edited code from @hube2

    _para_image_change: function(e) {
    				console.log('image file change');
    				newAttachID = jQuery('.acf-field-52ebc2ab15adb input').val();
    				newAttachID = newAttachID.toString();
    					type:   'POST',
    					url:    '',
    					data:   {
    						action: 'hit-bottom',
    						imageID: newAttachID, // your option variable
    						postNumID: postID // your option variable
    					dataType: 'json'
    					}).done(function( json ) {
    						console.log( "Ajax call succeeded, let's see what the response was." );
    						if( json.success ) {
    							console.log("Function executed successfully and returned: "+json.message);
    							//update the image src in the metabox
    						} else if( !json.success ) {
    							console.log( "Function failed and returned: " + json.message );
    					}).fail(function() {
    						console.log( "The Ajax call itself failed." );
    					}).always(function() {
    						console.log( "This message is always displayed, whether the call failed or succeeded." );

    And next the php/ajax handoff:

    add_action( 'wp_ajax_hit-bottom', 'wpse_hit_bottom' );
    add_action( 'wp_ajax_nopriv_hit-bottom', 'wpse_hit_bottom' );
    function wpse_hit_bottom() {
        $imageID = $_POST['imageID'];
    	$postNumID = $_POST['postNumID'];
        if( !isset( $imageID ) || $imageID == '' || !isset( $postNumID ) || $postNumID == ''  ) {
            //insert fallback vars
                        'success' => false,
                        'message' => 'Missing required information.'
    	update_field('field_571a8e724a917', $imageID, $postNumID);
    	$full = wp_get_attachment_image_src($imageID,'full');
    	$fullstring = $full[0];
                    'success' => true,
                    'message' => $fullstring