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  • Absolutely the same feature I’m searching for.
    But I suggest a structure like this:

    # Repeater (row)
    # Repeater ( column )
    # Flexible content ( content )

    So you can develop modules only for the Flexible content ( content ) and use each of these in each column to get something like a Visual Composer.

    Clients like how VC works, but in frontend they pull a lot of sh*t, nested divs like a mirror in a mirror, and something more developer friendly would be an epic win for ACF users.

    Like an ACF visual composer, maybe a “grid” field ???
    But with customisable classes ( i need to set my bootstrap classes ), however will be useless like site origin page builder.

    Some guys are trying to do that: but hmmm you can’t drag&drop outside the same repeater / fc

    Moreover, keep in mind that when you create a flexible content with lot of modules, your pc take off from the desktop with fans at 20000 rpm like a shuttle, and the browser show an alert like “hey, are you sure let this script run till tomorrow” ?

    Let’s join the forces and find a workaround,
    cheers guys