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  • Hi @kahil

    The problem with the position option is that there are a lot of WordPress themes and each of them has a unique code that can prevent the options from working. Maintaining the compatibility between ACF and those themes would be a mess and almost impossible.

    ACF is designed as a developer tool, so you have no choice other than modifying the theme files, especially for something complex like your request. I believe you can use a child theme, so you don’t have to worry when the themes have an update. This page should give you more idea about it:

    What you can do is creating a custom shortcode so you can add it in your page builder. But again, you need to modify your theme file or create a new plugin to do it. To create a custom shortcode, please take a look at this page:

    I’m sorry that I answered your question by referring to those pages. It’s an initial answer before we can go into a deeper topic. That’s because there is a lot of people that doesn’t read the documentation even though the answer is there. Your description also made me assume that you haven’t read those pages. I’m sorry about that.

    I hope this makes sense. Thanks!