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  • I have looked at those and while they give the starting info, they don’t show more in depth customizations. Things like how to control how the form is thrown together…or how to include it without having to edit a theme file. Like many new themes, ours has a page builder…so a custom page template isn’t really going to work here if we want to keep things up-to-date with the theme as it updates.

    As I mentioned in my initial post, I have looked at those links in great detail and they don’t provide the info I’m looking for. Not to be rude, but I was hoping for a little more help beyond “look at these pages and figure it out for yourself” type answers.

    It doesn’t seem like it is possible to do what I am looking for it to do with the kind of control I need. I need to do more than just editing/creating posts from the front end or creating a basic contact form while using a simple WordPress theme. I need to take it to the next level. Hence my suggestion for having this built into the UI of ACF that allows you to build these forms with finer control. Basically taking what is already there for the admin backend and applying it to the frontend. For instance, when creating the field group and fields, having an option down in the “settings” section in the “position” options….”frontend”.