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  • @acf-support

    The thing I would also need is the ability to define the fields in the form, as well as their layout (mainly so it fits in with the theme css and is responsive)…then have it send an email alert to me in the process.

    In this example, I would have a select box like you mentioned, a name field, an email field and a text box for notes if declined. If approved, it marks the item as approved, hides the form, then displays some text using the form fields to build it. Something like…”Dee Buttersnaps ([email protected]) approved this design on [datestamp] at [timestamp]”. That action seems pretty easy to do. It’s the rest that I can’t figure out. The acf_form() documentation is pretty slim here. All it really says is put this in a template file and you can edit a post. There aren’t any refined examples that shows you how to only show specific form fields that are tied to custom fields. Name field for the sender of the email, email address (self explanatory), and how to set the subject, etc.

    I think it would be GREAT if a form builder was added in to make it easier to create and manage this within the UI. Even if it were only part of the Pro version. It seems like the core functionality is there.