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  • I’ve tested the plugin, and did a small changes to make it loop through all the meta fields in the post “I have many”

    function add_meta_keys_to_revision( $keys ) {
    	$fields = get_fields();
    	if( $fields )
    		foreach( $fields as $field_name => $value )
    			$field = get_field_object($field_name, false, array('load_value' => false));
    			$keys[$count] = $field_name;
        return $keys;
    add_filter( 'wp_post_revision_meta_keys', 'add_meta_keys_to_revision' );

    it works fine, however im getting error in the revision page

    version in F:\EasyPHP-12.1\www\hot\wp-content\plugins\advanced-custom-fields-pro\core\revisions.php on line 272

    also I noticed I have 2 revision every time i make a modification one with no meta-data and the other with.

    I hove the next update will have a fix for this old bug based on this plugin