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  • sorry, maybe it’s for my bad english…
    i tested both your solution but nothing… : (

    I created a select to display my taxonomy in single user profile

    as you can see in the image (, I associated the “training pratico” course to “utenteprova”.

    I want to get id and name of taxonomy of current user
    (in this case UTENTEPROVA has TRAINING-PRATICO with ID 7)

    I need to redirect users after login, so I need something like this

    'redirect' => get_option('siteurl').'/corsi/training-pratico

    but I can’t display slug training-pratico

    another possible solution could be

    $corso_id = get_field('corso', 'user_'.$current_user->ID );
    'redirect' => get_option('siteurl').'/?corsi='.$corso_id 

    it return /?corsi=7

    but it’s a not found page.. Do it exist a permalink to term of taxonomy?

    In admin is: