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  • James, thanks for the reply. Let me see if I can get some screenshots to explain this.

    Three groups: Sermons, Series, and Speaker; Sermons has a “relationship” to series and speakers. Instead of having to manually enter every Series and Speaker, I want a sermons post to be able to pull options from posts inside Speakers and Series. For example, I am posting a sermons that is part of the “Restart” series (has it’s own page and filled out a group form for the group Series) and the speaker for that sermon is Pastor Wayne Surface (also has its own page under the group Speakers). Is there any way for my form for Sermons to look for all the posts under speakers and see “Oh, there’s a post for Pastor Wayne Surface, let’s put that as an option to choose for this sermon” and then at the series input for the sermon, “Oh, there’s a series post for ‘Restart’, let’s put that as an option for the series field.”

    I really hope this makes more sense! Haha…