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  • Hi Dan,

    Okay.. well the problem with a front-end pagination is that you’d still hit your servers max_input_vars limit etc eventually.

    I have a clearer image of your setup now but not completely. So you’re creating a single report post and in this you add “infinite” rows of events. Why are you not just creating a report per event?

    If you need to “organize” or “group” these events (reports) somehow could you maybe use a taxonomy? So say you now have a report called “Traffic” in which you have 100 rows of events. What if you have a taxonomy called “Traffic events” and have 100 report posts each with a single event in them (doesn’t have to be a repeater any more since it’s just one instance).

    say IF that works.. then you’re thinking “My god, we can’t change our structure that much this late”. Well you can.. you just need a smart way to convert your existing data.

    You could code a function which would look through each current report post. Add a term in your new taxonomy for each report post (maybe just use the reports title as the term title). Then loop through each repeater row and create a new report post and assign it to the newly created term along with the rows fields as meta fields on this post. If you got a decent coder it shouldn’t be a problem!

    One advice tho, I’d create a new report post type for transferring to. If there’s an issue (might require some trial and error) in converting you can just clear out all posts in this post type and start over not worrying about mixing old with the new. Then when you’re satisfied you can delete the old report posts and use a plugin to convert all new posts into the old report post type (and then delete the new report post type which would now be empty anyway).