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  • Hi @tdmalone

    Once you purchase a copy of ACF, the code is yours to do with and distribute as you want, but you’re not allowed to provide the license key, which activates the update feature.

    If you see the license, it says that free software doesn’t mean price, but freedom. It means you are free to modify and distribute ACF, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t charge it.

    Actually, that’s the same with all plugins and themes on WordPress if you read the WordPress fine-print. Because WordPress use’s the GPL_v2 licence, any plugin or theme that is released for it must also be GPL_v2 compliant.

    So the only thing you can actually charge for is the original code and then the service of updating.

    Please read the GPL_v2 licence if you are confused about any of this here.

    I hope this makes sense.