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  • Hi Jonathan,

    Sorry — I might not be explaining things correctly. As you say, we are already set up so each report is a custom post type and each single report is made up of a bunch of fields. So let me give you a more specific example:

    One field in our front-end form uses a repeater to enter ‘events’ that occur on a ‘date.’ Say, an ‘Earnings announcement’ happened on ‘April 14th.’ Reports are edited weekly by returning to the front-end form to make edits.

    After a while — say one year — there may now be 50+ entries in that one repeater field (and there are more repeaters in the form). Soon there may be 100 or 200 entries. So when the analyst goes to the form to enter another ‘event’ — they have to scroll through all the previous entries to get to the bottom to enter a new event.

    This is where creating pagination, in a repeater field, in a front-end form, would help compact things. Does that make more sense? Screenshot attached.