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  • Hi Jonathan,

    I am trying to solve a similar problem but I’m not sure I follow your suggestion.

    We created a front-end form, only available to admins. We use a couple repeater fields set up as tables, where each entry is basically a single line with a couple of items (a date, a couple words of text and a checkbox or two). The entries update a custom post type (a “report”) and we paginate the results to the end-user using jQuery Bootgrid (which works great, btw).

    Our problem is on the form. Since the reports are updated weekly it doesn’t take long for the repeater fields to get lengthy. We’d like to paginate the repeater in the front-end form for the authors (who will mostly be working with only the latest 3-4 entries in the repeater anyway).

    I tried implementing the jQuery Bootgrid approach on the form, but there are too many jQuery conflicts to make it work. Can you give me more details on your suggestion above? Perhaps you’re suggesting some way to only display X number of results in the repeater in the front end form?