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  • This topic now veering off to the south a bit. It probably should be closed. The initial issue; namely, that Yoast SEO completely borked after their update when ACF (and many other plugins) were used, seems to have now been fixed with Yoast’s latest update.

    Also, thanks for the reference to “content analysis.” that plugin seems to have been developed even before the Yoast foul up in order to get Yoast (when it worked) to recognize key words which were used and “injected” (thus not in the “main stream” content for Yoast to count) by the ACF plugin.

    It’s only purpose is to “enhance” Yoast not be alternative to it so doesn’t fit what I asked in the original thread post. Now that Yoast is back working again (seemingly) it’s good to know that there is something that makes them useful together.