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  • Hi @hambos22

    If you have tried other methods and still couldn’t find the solution, I believe you need to update the custom fields manually for the translated post or just use the values from the original post.

    The problem is, how to get the original post ID from the translated post. If you can get the ID, you can get the values by providing it as the second parameter on the get_field() function like I told you before. Keep in mind that taxonomy has a different method to do it. This page should give you more idea about it: This way, you only need to manage the custom fields on the original posts/taxonomies.

    Another approach would be generating the custom field values when you saved the translated post. You can use the update_field() function in the acf/save_post hook. Just like the first method, you need to get the ID of the original post.

    I hope this makes sense.