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  • Hi @serviceweb

    Regarding your first request, I’m afraid I don’t see what’s wrong with the code. Could you please explain it to me in more detail and share some screenshots of the issue on the backend and front end?

    Regarding your second request, could you please try the following code?

    <?php if ( get_field('tariffa_mensile_1') || get_field('tariffa_mensile_2') || get_field('tariffa_mensile_3') ) : ?>
    			<strong>TARIFFA MENSILE</strong>
    			<?php the_field('tariffa_mensile_1'); ?><br>
    			<?php the_field('tariffa_mensile_2'); ?><br>
    			<?php the_field('tariffa_mensile_3'); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    Hope this helps. Thanks!