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  • Thanks James & Rafaella for this discussion…

    I also have this problem…

    I require the user to pick posts from a selection of 12,000 posts
    And also, this relationship field is part of a “layout” field – so, feasibly a page can have 3 relationship fields, each selecting from these 12000 posts.

    As you can imagine the page load time is slow – 30s+ when I have the field group enabled and 3s when it is disabled.

    Obviously I am my own worst enemy here we’re such requirements! but I’d really love to find a way to use the relationship fields on such a big site. Or I will have to resort to the user picking post IDs manually…

    Can anyone think of a different way to do this or a filter that could improve the relationship field further?

    I tried
    $args[‘posts_per_page’] = 0;

    Which did reduce the number of posts on view in each relationship field but hardly affected the page load time.

    Many thanks for any input